I occasionally write up my misadventures. Sometimes I even learn something (and even, rarely, I find something I want to share with the world).

Disclaimer: I'm a developer but I am not your developer. Everything here is accurate only as far as I could be bothered to check it. If you notice anything wrong, please let me know by yelling at me on Twitter, but don't blame if you blow up prod.

    To the asshole behind the steering wheel

    An open letter from someone who has been assaulted just for daring to ride a bicycle in a bike lane.

    Turning every repo into a playground with global .gitignore

    Unlock some productivity in your development workflow by creating small, script-y files that aren't included in your pull requests or commits.

    DIY container networking: veths, netnses, and iproute2, oh my!

    Container networking isn't so hard... as long as you have some nerd from the Internet who spent many hours and lost much hair in the process to explain it to you. Let's go on a whirlwind tour of how container networking works by creating our own!